Emergency Works to the fabric of the Parish Church

Emergency works, consisting of: movement of some pews on each side of main nave (to be stored in the church) to enable erection of tower of scaffolding. Following checking of load bearing of the pew platforms, erection of scaffold to check five areas of plaster. The scaffold will be erected and struck and re-erected in two different places to allow this. Tap testing of suspect areas of plaster ceiling. Initial actions to be taken to make safe. If necessary, chandeliers would be lowered to facilitate all of this, but the need for that is to be assessed. All as described in:

i. Three drawings numbered (EX)100 5.00 from Caroe and Partners;
ii. Tower inspection and repair methodology document dated 22 April 2021 from Hayles and Howe;
iii. Drawing numbered 10464/911/001 from Hayles and Howe.




Revision of Electoral Roll 2021 notice   
The Electoral Roll has been revised. If you would like to check that your details are on it and are correct, please contact the parish office.

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